Google Mars

First they did the Earth. Then they (sort of) did the Moon. And, now, they've added Mars.

I hope they go back and do the Moon map with the same level of detail that they've given the Mars map.

Thanks to Rich Daley for the heads-up.

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Anonymous said...

OMG GREAT!!!! I didn't even know they'd done the Moon.

Dave Pearson said...

In that case let me be the first person to suggest you zoom all the way in on the Moon. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dave, I've been hoping that Google would get around to Mars what with all the MOLA, MGS and Mars Express images that are around. I'm glad they did and they even added the multi-wavelength option that I wanted ;-)

We just need to get a Google Universe next covering the astronomical sky. Perhaps we could make a version amongst ourselves.

Dave Pearson said...

Doubtless there are some top-notch hackers amongst us who could do the coding (sadly I'm not one of them), but where would we find the sort of server resources that Google have?