Jodrell Bank: The Song

Via Astronomy Blog, the Jodrell Bank song:

Save Astronomy



Save Astronomy: The Government Responds

I've just had an email to alert me to the fact that the government has responded to the physics funding petition.

And now I'm trying to make sense of it. At the moment I'm struggling.


Two Years of Sunspot Counts

A little earlier I was typing up some recent solar observation reports and I realised that it's now over two years since I started observing the sun as often as possible and keeping a log of sunspot counts.

The weather seems to have been against me lately. Over the past few months I've not managed to log many observations (see March this year for example: only 6 counts recorded) and that's kind of frustrating.

Still, the graphs of solar activity seem to be coming along nicely. Even though there's a fair bit of data missing due to days when I couldn't observe there does seem to be a general hint of the recent solar minimum.