Didn't get to test the 905

Sadly I didn't get to test the 905 last night because the skies were pretty awful all evening. By the time I finished work it was almost clear, but with some haze and thin cloud (and quite a lot of spread out contrails too from what I could tell). The darker it got that evening, the thicker the haze seemed to be.

By about 21:30 I pretty much gave up on the idea of getting the 'scope out for its first test. I'd like to test it with reasonable skies.

Now, the forecast for tonight is cloud but, at the moment, the sky outside is really clear. According to the Met Office it's going to be cloud from now until at least next Monday (that's as far as the forecast goes). Perhaps I'll get lucky and we'll have a few hours of dark before the cloud rolls in...

File Under: Antares 905, Telescope Testing.

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