Antares 905: First Impressions

Despite the forecast saying cloud and rain I managed to get outside last Friday night for a very brief test of the Antares 905.

As you'll see from the log entry, I didn't really get to look at much (20 mins isn't really much of an observing session) but the brief time I was out with it didn't offer any "oh no, I've made a bad choice here" moments. Quite the opposite in fact, even in that brief time I had quite a lot of fun with the 'scope.

The current 5 day forecast from the Met Office shows no clear nights so, unless things improve, I'm probably not going to get to have a proper play with the 905 this week.

Worse yet, the 5 day forecast is also suggesting that, once again, I'm going to miss a partial eclipse.

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Anonymous said...

So we can blame you for all this crumby weather then?! Only joking :-) It is looking very much like the eclipse is going to be hidden in cloud once again, there are bound to be webcams in sunnier places, but it's just not the same, is it?

Dave Pearson said...

No, I admit it, it's my fault. I really should have put things off a week or two. :(

That said, the forecast I saw last night for this part of the country has broken cloud so I might actually get the chance to see something (got nothing at all last year).

It's mostly clear out there at the moment — I can see Jupiter through a thin haze.

Fingers crossed...