After finally getting some sort of observing done yesterday afternoon I had high hopes for getting out with the 'scope in the evening. Right up until sunset the sky was pretty clear.

I finished up in the office around 18:30 or so and stepped outside to find — yes, that's right, cloud.

I then wandered into the house mumbling all sorts of things under by breath. About 1½ hours later (after an episode of Stargate Atlantis so not a dead loss <g>) I had another look out and it was nice and clear. So, I went and dragged the 'scope out into the garden, headed back into the house and layered up (it was already below 0°C), had a quick cuppa while giving the 'scope time to cool and then went back out....

....to find more cloud.


Dragged the 'scope back into the office and gave it up as a bad job.

File Under: Annoying Weather.


x said...

I know the feeling, Dave. I was lucky last night but tonight is a wash. We even had snow down here today.
It's got to get better.

Dave Pearson said...

Looks like a bit of a turn-around then. Last night was really annoying but, tonight, I just had a good hour or so out (it would have been longer but it was getting more than a little chilly and things were starting to frost over).

Had my best ever view of Saturn.