First attempt at Comet Pojmanski

Just had my first attempt at seeing Comet Pojmanski this morning. Very cold, down to -6.6°C at one point (although, to be fair, that's nothing compared to the -14°C Tom had to cope with), very murky on the eastern horizon.

I popped out a couple of times with the Meade 10x50 binocular to scan the right area of sky but failed to find any hint of the comet.

Still, it wasn't a total waste. It was a nice sky anyway (sort of odd seeing summer constellations in winter, kind of the reverse of when I was looking at winter skies at the tail-end of summer) and I did manage to get a look at Venus and Jupiter (whose moons were nicely visible in the 10x50s).

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Anonymous said...

It's good to get out and actually see the sky, isn't it?

It looks like tonight will be clear for me too. Me and another club member are going to open the Observatory up and fire up some of the equipment tonight.

Ian Musgrave said...

Sky quality has a dramatic effect on Pojmanski as it is relatively close to the horizon. A couple of days ago I saw it as clear as a bell close to nautical twilight, where as this morning, near astronomical twilight, I saw nothing (the sky was rather grungy).