M53 with the BRT

© Bradford University

Over the weekend I had my second successful result back from the Bradford Robotic Telescope. This time an image of M53.

This took a couple of attempts. I used the cluster camera for the first attempt but the field of view was far too wide and M53 was simply a small smudge in a large field. I then submitted three new jobs for M53 using the galaxy camera and with exposure times of 120,000ms, 60,000ms and 30,000ms. The 120,000ms job didn't work and was marked "Err: h/w problem" (not sure what that means, I'll have to go and read up), the 60,000ms job is the one shown above. The 30,000ms job looks more or less the same as the above except, oddly, it has the appearance of having had a longer exposure time.

I've not made any changes to the image other than to export it as a JPEG from the FITS image using AVIS.

File Under: Bradford Robotic Telescope, M53, Globular Cluster.


Will Gater said...

Hi Dave,

That's a really nice image of M53. Do you mind if I link to your blog?


Dave Pearson said...

Of course not, please feel free.