A much better night

Tonight has been much better than last night. It was clear at sunset (and what a view of the Moon!) and stayed clear (and still is clear).

I didn't stay out as long as I would have liked as it was very cold (by my standards anyway) and the 'scope and other items were starting to frost up. What made it worth it was the view of Saturn I had — the best view I've had since I first got the 'scope.

Unlike all other observations, this time I looked at it with the 6mm eyepiece and all the detail leapt out at me (crisp rings, shadows, Cassini Division) and pretty much stayed visible all the time. In the past those crisp and detailed moments have been the exception that I had to keep looking for; this time around they were the rule.

I've not typed up the notes yet — they should appear in today's log some time tomorrow.

File Under: Cold Night, Saturn.

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