By 'eck! Tha' were quick!

Yesterday morning I submitted a job to the Bradford Robotic Telescope. This morning I had an email sat waiting for me that said:

Hello, Telescope.org would like to inform you that an observation request you submitted has been completed!
That happened a lot sooner than I expected.

I've grabbed the image but haven't done anything with it yet. Here's a shrunk version:

© Bradford University

If you look at the full sized version of the image you'll see some trailing so I'm guessing that the tracking of the 'scope is off a little. Still, can't complain, as the email I received says:
Please be aware that the telescope is currently in beta testing - we are still working on the automatic focussing, tracking and cloud sensors to optimise the images. Please let us know if you think that your image could be improved - that helps us a great deal and put your request in again to get a better one! Thank you.
I think I'll have to have some more of a play with this. So far I'm rather impressed.

File Under: Bradford Robotic Telescope, M101, Pinwheel Galaxy.


Anonymous said...

I need to stop coming here. :P I'm spending WAY too much time with Terragen... and since I saw your post yesterday I signed up too and submitted 4 jobs last night. M31 at R,G,B and OIII.

Dave Pearson said...

Now there's a challenge if ever I saw one: once I week I need to find a new time-sink for Rob. ;)

I'll look forward to see what sort of results you get.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Dave. I signed up too.