Solar observing on the cheap — failed

Earlier on this month I made a filter for a rubbish little telescope I've got thinking that it might work as a cheap method of solar observing. Now that there's a good sized sunspot on the surface of the Sun I thought I'd give the 'scope a proper test.

It was rubbish. Really rubbish.

I could see more detail in sunspot 822 with the Solarscope than I could with the rubbish 'scope. Also, to top things off, when I'd finished observing I managed to rip the filter while trying to take it off the 'scope; seems I'd made it a little too tight and it was a hell of a struggle to get it off.

Still, it's not that much of a loss. I didn't use up much of the Baader filter to do this and it was a first good test at making a filter for a telescope.

File Under: Sunspot 822, Solarscope, Solar Observing, Baader Filter.

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