A good run at the Sun

Okay, I'm probably tempting fate by writing about this...

I've now managed three days of Solar observing — following the progress of sunspot 822. That's much better than back when I was trying to observe sunspot 798, then I only managed two days in a row (although I did manage three observations in total).

It's been really fascinating following the progress of the sunspot group and, if forecasts around here are to be believed, I might just get two or more days observing in.

All I need now to top it off is for it to be the cause of a nice auroral display. Nights are getting dark quite early now and we're getting clear skies each night (well, apart from last night, when there was a fair bit of high haze about that resulted in some people seeing nice displays of Lunar halos).

File Under: Solar Observing, Sunspot 822.

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