End of a good run?

As of yesterday I've managed to observe the Sun (and follow the progress of sunspot 822) for six days in a row. As well as following 822 I've watched 823 appear and, yesterday, saw 824 for the first time. Annoyingly, at the moment, it seems to be getting rather overcast so there's a good chance that I won't manage to make it to seven days.

Given all this solar observing I've done of late I've also now added a sunspot index for my logs.

File Under: Solar Observing, Sunspot 822, Sunspot 823, Sunspot 824.


Tag said...

I've been following your posts and like the addition of the logs. Is your SolarScope the projection type?


Dave Pearson said...

Yes, it's the type of Solarscope that projects an image — the December edition of Astronomy (the US magazine) happens to have a two-page article about them.

BTW Peter, nice sketch in your latest report.