Solar talent

Given that I don't have any imaging equipment to speak of (although I've been known to employ the camera in my mobile phone when I'm feeling a little silly — examples being this, this, this and this) I tend to rely on sketching and notes when recording what I see during an observing session.

Because of this I tend to keep a keen eye out for other people's sketches — it's nice to see other people's work anyway but, better yet, there's a lot you can learn from seeing how other people produce their records.

Sunspot 822 has resulted in two sketches that have really impressed me. Yesterday, on the SPA's BB, Joe posted a really impressive sketch and then, this morning, I was reading Top of the Lawn and saw Peter's amazing sketch in this observing report (scroll down about ½ way — but do be sure to read the whole of the report anyway). I'm so impressed by the talent that's behind sketches such as those.

I find both of those images impressive, educational and inspirational. I'm so glad that people like Joe and Peter share their output with everyone else.

File Under: Solar Observing, Sketching.

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