Four days of sunspot 822

Seems I didn't tempt fate too badly yesterday — I've just managed to make another observation of sunspot 822. I've not had time to type up the notes yet but a scan of the sketch is on my site.

I also notice that Ian Musgrave has been having a look using binocular projection.

File Under: Solar Observing, Sunspot 822.


Anonymous said...

How do you tell whether or not your binoculars are up to the task of projection observing? I know that if for example, I were to point my telescope at the sun for this purpose I'll melt the optics and destroy the scope in about 30 seconds. :0

Dave Pearson said...

Good question — I wouldn't know how to tell. Then again, I wouldn't use an expensive binocular for Solar projection so I guess it would be trial and error.

That said, after having used it for a while now, my recommendation for anyone with slightly more than a passing interesting in observing the Sun, but who wants to do it on a budget, would be a Solarscope.