Leonids redux

Following on from yesterday morning's "accidental" session I managed to get out again this morning to try again for the predicted outburst.

The sky wasn't quite so good this morning, ever so slightly misty and when I first went out there was some thin cloud to the west (which did clear after a while). I was also quite a bit colder this morning — just below 0°C.

As for the outburst? If there was one I think I missed it. I started out around 04:30UT and didn't move until around 05:30UT. In that time I counted 7 Leonids. By 05:30UT I was feeling cold and tired (two early mornings on the trot, I'm going to regret this) so I started to pack up. While in the process of packing up I saw 2 more meteors, both Leonids. One of them was probably the best one I saw for the whole of this session.

I'd like to have carried on observing right up until the sky getting too light but I just couldn't stick with it all the way this morning.

I hope the outburst did take place and that the time was off. Hopefully someone out there had a pretty good show.

As with yesterday the session log isn't up on my site yet. I expect to get this weekend's logs typed up some time on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. I too was out at 04:30 and managed to stay out till 06:30 this morning. In that time I guess I saw a total of around 20 leondids but only 3 were really good, momentarily leaving a luminescent tail. Best one I saw though was around 23:30 hours last night before going to bed! If there was an outburst I too missed out. Andy in Wiltshire.

Anonymous said...

We (my daughter and me) saw 8 Leonids between 04:10 and 04:50 UT from here in Reading.

Dave Pearson said...

Thanks for the comments Andy and Tristram.

From everything I've seen so far nobody, at least in the UK, seems to have managed to visually observe any sort of outburst of activity.