Daylight graphs

I've updated the my sky section of my main site to include a couple of daylight graphs. The first one graphs the rise and set positions of the Sun for the current day:

The second graphs sunrise/sunset times and total hours daylight for my location:

And the reason I added them? Well, no good reason really. They are sort of useful for a quick glance but the main reason I added them is because I fancied a quick bit of hacking (and also because I've been playing with compass-a-like graphs on my weather station site).


Anonymous said...

Love the graphs, but I have one small niggle. I'm always interested in the pattern of mid-winter, watching the days lengthen. The graphs are always split right where I want to watch the progression of lengthening days (and the slightly different patterns of morning and evening time). Is there any way to start the graphing on July 1?

Dave Pearson said...

Not really thought about it. I suppose it'd be possible. I've not looked at the code for a long time.