Leonids: my results

The logs for Saturday morning and Sunday morning are now up.

Here's what I learnt over the weekend:

  • If the outburst did take place I didn't notice it. The numbers of Leonids I saw on Sunday morning pretty much matched with those I saw on Saturday morning.

  • I saw way more Leonids than Ian did.

  • I seem to have seen a similar rate to that seen by Tristram.

  • Planning is a good thing. But when you do plan, try and pay attention to what you're doing.

  • When you do mess up in your planning, try and come up with a really good explanation for it. Hence...

  • When trying to observe a meteor shower outburst, try and have a session 24 hours before hand so that you've established a baseline for the following morning's observation. If you don't it's just really bad science. Okay? (I almost typed that with a straight face)

  • Putting a sleeping bag on the chair and then sitting on the sleeping bag keeps you so much warmer.

  • When you're sat out in the cold, at stupid-o-clock in the morning, looking at the sky and waiting for something to happen, it's impossible not to start thinking that you should take up a saner hobby.

  • The thinking in the previous point totally disappears the moment you see the first meteor.

  • Shouting "Woah! did you see that one!" makes no sense at all when you're the only person sat in your garden at 5 in the morning.

  • You'll never, ever, convince other people that sitting in the cold at stupid-o-clock on a Sunday morning isn't insane.

  • Drinking over ½ a bottle of wine the night before might ensure that you get off to sleep nice and quickly, but it doesn't make waking up any easier.
Can't wait for the Geminids.

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