Welcome to March

So, it's March again. March is sort of important to me in astronomy for a few reasons:

All being well March should be good this year too. First up, weather permitting, is Saturday's lunar eclipse. The current forecast from the Met Office is for clear skies on Saturday night.

Secondly, a week on Saturday, it's the 2nd SPA convention. I'm really looking forward to that. The first one in October 2005 was very enjoyable so I'm expecting this to be a good day out too.

So far it's been a terrible start to the year, other than a couple of brief views of comet McNaught, and a brief session observing the Moon and Saturn, I've hardly been out so far this year. I'm hoping that the next two or three months offer up some good nights before the long days of summer take over.


Rich said...

Also, 1st March is St Dave's Day.

mark_smith said...

Welcome to March Dave good luck for tomorrow hope the sky’s are clear in south lincs :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you had as clear a night as we did down in London last night. The eclipse was perfectly clear and beautiful to watch.

Dave Pearson said...

Yeah, perfectly clear night and all went well (apart from killing a pair of glasses, but that's a different story).

I'll be writing about it (and uploading my log) tomorrow.