Collapse of Rover hits UK astronomy?

According to this story on the BBC website:

UK science has become an unexpected victim of the Rover collapse as funds used to soften the impact of the failure were clawed back from research.

The Department for Trade and Industry said it faced financial pressures that required it to re-balance its spending.

Ongoing costs related to the loss of the Rover car company and the rescue package put together for British Energy were cited as causes for the shortfall.

It means £68m given to the UK Research Councils by the DTI will be taken back.
Towards the end of the article there's a list of various research councils and the impact it will have, one of them is:
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council £3.1m
That can't be good, can it?

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Anonymous said...

Arrgh. That's terrible. That is going to spell trouble for astronomy and/or the LHC.