SPA Convention 2007

It's almost here! One more day and it's the SPA convention 2007.

I'll be heading out to Cambridge rather early tomorrow morning (about 0600UT) as I'm going to lend a hand setting things up. As such it should be a long, but enjoyable, day.

The main themes for this year's event are astrophotography and planetary astronomy and talks include:

  • Pixel Magic - Getting the best from your Astro Photography

  • Saturn and the Terran Planets

  • Venus and the Venus Express Mission

  • Instruments for Planetary Observing
There's also going to be a few trade stands there if there's money burning a hole in your pocket (I'm pleased to see that Aurora Books will be there — I know Martin from the days when I was a member of York Astronomical Society and it's always nice to catch up).

If you're going to be there do keep an eye out for me and tap me on the shoulder and say hello. I'll probably be wearing a name badge and, if it helps, the picture of me chimping over on my photo.net page should give you a bit of a clue about how I look these days (chances are that I'll be chimping away there too <g>).

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