Here's one for your diary:

Following on from the success of #moonwatch back in May this year (an event which attracted people such as Maggie Philbin, how cool is that?!), Newbury Astronomical Society, in association with IYA2009UK, are going to run #meteorwatch.

The event will happen on the night of the 11th and 12th of August, coinciding with the expected peak of the Perseids meteor shower.

The Twitter Meteorwatch will start at 21.30 BST on the 11th of August and will continue through to the evening of the 12th of August. Amateur and professional astronomers from the US and other countries are invited to join in and take over from the UK, when the sun comes up here, helping make the event run for over 24 hours and be truly international. The event will close in the UK, in the early hours of the 13th of August 2009.
See the main page for the event for more details, and be sure to follow @NewburyAS over on Twitter.

Now that I've got an Android phone, which runs a twitter client (twidroid), and now that I've got a laptop with a WiFi connection, I should be in a good position to take part. All being well, weather permitting, I'll be out in the garden, doing my best to add to #meteorwatch.

See you there?


Mark Garth said...

Let's hope the clouds clear away!

Dave Pearson said...

09:30 BST and it's all clear out there right now. So, yeah, fingers crossed it's like that in 12 hours time.

Last forecast I saw was for rain though. :-(

Dave Pearson said...

Actually, scratch that, I've just checked on the met office site and it's looking good! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave.
Thanks for supporting #Meteorwatch.
it has been a phenomenal success.

Paul Thompson
Newbury AS

Dave Pearson said...

I think the thanks go to you guys for working so hard to get it going. You seem to have captured the imagination of the media at large.

Moriarte said...

Good blog...haven't posted for a while...hope you didn't get hit my a meteor :)

Dave Pearson said...

No. :-)

I've just been a little "out" of astronomy for a while. Lots of other things happening that sort of get in the way.

john ken said...

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