Google Sky Map on Android

Just recently I acquired a new mobile phone, one running Android (in my case a HTC Magic) and I've had a quick look around for some astronomy software but didn't find much.

Then, this evening, I noticed this tweet from Stuart and went and did a little digging about and finally found it.

I'm stunned.

Rather that try and explain it, I'll just go with Google's video explaining it:

The one warning I would give is that it takes quite a while for the application to start. It will look like your phone has hung (and, if you try and do something, you'll probably be told the application is taking too long and would you like to force an exit or wait) but just wait a little, it's simply slow to start. Once it's running it's nice and snappy.

If you've got an Android phone and astronomy is this thing I'd call this a "must have" application — even if you do know your way around the sky.


James said...

I bought a G1 just to try this out and it is great!

Luckily the phone seems to be better than my old one too!!

Mike Farid said...

although i find now that the best astronomy apps made for iphone and windows mobile, i hope there will be more development leads to better astronomy ones made for android, maybe the good side about any Google app is the update, they can update this in anytime even from a very basic software to a high-end one.



J. Rocky said...

The best astronomy app I have come across is for the iPhone. I have yet to try the android app but will be in a position once I get my new phone.

Although these apps are great toys nothing beats the good old telescope!!

HRJ said...

If you like Google SkyMap you might also like SkEye, an app that I have developed.

Apart from hand-held use, you can also afix it to a telescope to help guide it.