BBC Britain in Pictures

The BBC are currently collecting photographs via a Flickr group for a gallery as part of their How We Built Britain series.

I've submitted a few photographs and have also been enjoying looking at what others have been submitting. However, one thing struck me. There seem to be very few photographs of buildings related to astronomy. I've submitted one of the 36 Inch Telescope at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge, and I notice that Tim has submitted one of the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

Other than that I've not noticed any others relating to astronomy (it could be that I've just not found them yet).

Anyone out there on Flickr who has images of British buildings that relate to astronomy? Fancy adding to the gallery?


Anonymous said...

Would a 76m telescope count as a "building"? If so, I'll send some folks over there with their pictures.

Dave Pearson said...

I can't imagine why it wouldn't.

Dave Pearson said...

By the looks of things someone thinks it counts (and what a cracking picture it is too!).