What keeps the Moon in space?

Over the weekend my 5 year old son asked one of those questions that are so difficult to answer because the question itself is wrong, but also very endearing too. He wanted to know what kept the Moon "in space".

I tried my best to answer the question, but no amount of trying to point out that the question didn't really make sense (in a nice way) made a dent.

Well, this morning, I found the answer.


Anonymous said...

Yes thats cute. A short while back the local Astrosoc guys here in Edinbugger told me about a punter they were showing the moon to through their telescope. He asked "can this telescope see Holland ?" and was puzzled when they said no, as surely if you can see all the way to the Moon you could see Holland easily ? After explaining the curvature of the Earth, a light dawned on his face, and his life was changed for ever. Apparently.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for solving that mystery Dave! The mind boggles at the forces involved with such a set-up! Should be some good opportunities for photos like this if you are willing to stay up into the small hours to catch the very low full moon over the next couple of days.

Tag said...

Hi Dave,
That is cute story and glad to that Manhattan was part of the punchline.
The photo could also serve a mugshot in a way for the Blame it on the Moon post.