Lunar Eclipse 2007-03-03 - Log now up

I've now uploaded my observing log of the total lunar eclipse.


Tag said...

Very nice write up of the events. In addition to seeing the arc of the shadow, your seeing a near miss of the occultation while those of more southern in declination saw the occulation is more evidence that Earth is spherical.

That camera phone is coming in handy. Much more portable than the Canon XTi?

Dave Pearson said...

I suppose the occultation could be evidence that the Earth is (roughly) spherical - but it could also be evidence that the Earth just consists of the UK and is flat and that the Moon is a finite distance away and the stars are further way.

As for the mobile phone vs the EOS400D - I just didn't fancy messing about with photography (especially given how heavily photographed the event would be), I wanted to observe, to just sit back and enjoy the event.

That and the fact that I've got no useful way of hooking the camera up to the 'scope and had I tried doing afocal work I'd probably have found it easier to use a tripod, at which point I'd have been going through iterations of moving 'scope, move tripod, adjust camera, shoot, move 'scope... etc.