Astronomy Now, and some other bits

I had a parcel turn up today. In it was a copy of the March edition of Astronomy Now and a copy of the Astronomy Now 2007 Yearbook.

I hadn't ordered them.

This was AN's way of saying thanks for me letting them use a version of this post in an article of reports about Comet McNaught.

The free copy of the magazine was expected, but the free copy of the yearbook wasn't. I thought that was rather nice of them.

I've not done much in the way of observing in the past few weeks. I've not even managed much solar observing thanks to the weather. We did have a clear spell last night and I did wander out to have a look at the skies with a view to getting the EOS 400D out and possibly doing a little more constellation photography but cloud rolled in while I was assessing the sky.

Which sort of fits in nicely with the current news about Mira. It would be neat to get some shots off of that area of sky, then take some more later on down the line and compare the images.


Will Gater said...

Well done Dave, I was very pleased to see your story in the article when the proofs were on the office wall. Those wow! moments are the best bits about astronomy.

Anonymous said...

Dave that's cool. Congrats on getting your article posted.