The Star of the East

What is it with artists and light pollution?

According to this article in Louth Today Mablethorpe is to acquire an installation that is based around a "star". To make things more annoying "an electric light at the top of the Star will light up and change colour – creating a lighthouse effect". Around this are a series of lines in the ground, each one of them is supposed to represent "an important date in Mablethorpe's history", one of which is "the little known Mablethorpe meteor of 1898 which exploded in the sky over the resort".

So, let me get this right: they want to commemorate an event in astronomy by... creating light pollution? How very clever.

According to Michael Trainor, the "Manchester based artist" who designed it, "Mablethorpe is the only town in the UK to have its own star". I bloody hope so!


mark_smith said...

Sadly saw this on Look North on Monday. I am pretty sure they could spend the money on something more important. They seemed quite impressed that you would be able to see it for miles.

Dave Pearson said...

I'm not even that bothered by the money and the issue of finding something "more important", I'm partial to a bit of public art.

But, I mean, really, was it so hard for them to actually think it through and realise the irony of it?

Anonymous said...

I don't mind art making use of light but I wonder if they will turn it off after 11pm (or midnight).

At least Barnsley's 'Halo of Light' hasn't gone ahead.