Fireworks probably aren't an astronomer's best friend (ask any UK astronomer who wants to observe on the night of the 5th/6th November) so they might not seem like an appropriate subject for an astronomy weblog. But...

A little earlier I was having a look at the latest challenge results on DPChallenge.com and noticed this image in 3rd place for the fireworks challenge.

Wow! Just, wow!

Your initial reaction might be "it's got to be fake" but, if you read the photographer's comments you'll see that it was a real image. And, when you see the location, you'll realise that it's probably not that big a deal.


Anonymous said...

Those firework photos are nearly too good to be true. I really must dedicate more time to photography this....although I say that every year! How is the 400D? I have a 350D and find it utterly fantastic. I am trying astrophotography with it, but the skies have not been kind lately.

Dave Pearson said...

With the 400D it's so far so good. Still finding my way around it and having plenty of fun with it. The nice thing is that I don't think twice about having a go at shooting something, which is pretty different from how I used to use the Canon A-1 and the old Zenith SLR.

I might have a go at astrophotography with it at some point, although that's a very low priority for me. If skies are clear I want to observe rather than spend ages swearing at a little computer with a lens attached.