It's the AGM of Newton's Astronomical Society and a little earlier this evening my son (who is 4) asked: "Are you going to your astrocomical meeting tonight?".

Sometimes, it does feel pretty comical doesn't it?

So, I headed off to Google and found that it's quite a common word. The best site I've found in that search so far is this one.

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J said...

I like your blog and your website.
Consider me an amateaur astronomer wanna be, i dont own a scope and I am seriously considering buying a telescope and i am not sure which one is good.
I was wondering if you could give me some tips?
I have been considering celestron C6-N and Nexstar 130 SLT.
I will soon be leaving UK so need to take it abroad. any tips?

Dave Pearson said...

Hmm, sadly I'm not really a good person to give hints and tips on 'scope choices as I don't have much experience of many different 'scopes.

Why not try asking in the equipment section of the SPA's BB? There are lots of people there who have experience of different equipment. Have a think about what sort of observing you want to do and what your budget is and ask away there.