Observing and Astroblast

I did make it to Astroblast on Saturday although I've not had the time to write up a report of it yet, I'm hoping I might get the chance this evening or some time tomorrow. The reason for this blog entry is to point to the first observing log entries I've made away from home. The first at Astroblast itself and the second on the way home afterwards.

Okay, what I observed doesn't quite fall under "astronomy" in some sense (and perhaps would fall better under the weather category — I'll probably give it a mention over there too) but it was too good not to record and note in my log book and in the online version of my logs.

File Under: Atmospheric Phenomena, Sundogs, Parry Arc, Halo, Circumzenithal Arc.


Will Gater said...

Really great pictures of those phenoomena Dave. Funnily enough I saw a Sun pillar a few weeks back. I'd love to see those arcs and sundogs though.

Dave Pearson said...

Thanks for your kind words Will.

A sun pillar is something I've never seen and would love to see.