You could fill a book...

Something I forgot to mention yesterday: the observing session on Wednesday saw me filling the last page of my first observing log book. It's taken me since 2005-04-16 to fill it. I'm not sure off-hand how many pages there are in it — I use a Black n' Red A5, ruled, wirebound notebook that has a "elastic closure strap" (it's the C67009 as listed here) — but there's a fair few.

I know it's kind of arbitrary but it feels like a significant milestone.

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Tag said...

Happy New Yeae, Dave!! (belatedly)

Yep, it's a good feeling when the notebook completes and one moves on to new fresh pages. The real kick is returning to the past ones as a more experienced observer. The type of notebook one decides on makes increases the sentimental value. My choice has been the smal Moleskine unlined notebook.

Similarly, the weather here in NYC has been very poor and haven't observed for nearly month. That got me unplugged from astronomy and reading blogs for a while. Like others, looking forward to your thoughts.


Tag said...

Happy New Year, that is.

Dave Pearson said...

Belated Happy New Year to you (and anyone else reading) too.