Log cloud

I've been meaning to have a go at this for a while now and, last night, I finally cracked. I've added a page to my astronomy site which displays my log category list as a form of tag cloud.

For those who don't know what a tag cloud is (is there anyone left who doesn't?), the idea is that you display a list of tags (or, in my case, log categories) — normally in alphabetical order — and set the font for each tag depending on how often it occurs.

While I did it more for fun than anything else it actually does seem to be an interesting way of looking at my observing logs. This, more than anything, gives me an instant feel for what sort of things I observe (or what sort of things I do while observing) the most.

Update: The cloud is no longer created from log category list. I've now changed things so that it creates the list of tags from the category list and a bunch of other markup items I have in the source XML files for the logs.

File Under: Astronomy Logs, Tag Cloud.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of a tag cloud before. Looks like something fun to play around with. You weren't alone, now I am the last one who doesn't know :-)
I've been reading your site for a while and have to tell you that your sketches and drawings of your observing sessions are great!

Dave Pearson said...

Thanks for your kind words Matt. Sadly there's not been much sketching done of late — mostly due to the weather and my free time failing to coincide.

Nice site you've got there. By coincidence I stumbled on it the other day (yesterday I think) via a link on Megan's blog. You're now in my list of links and also in my feed reader.