Possible use for a terrible telescope

Back in July this year, on a whim, I purchased a really cheap and nasty little refracting telescope. The main reason for getting it was that it'll do for letting my Son look at the Moon — it's not much good for anything else and I don't really care that much if he manages to break it.

Given that he's not really old enough to look through it yet (not to mention the fact that he's got his own little toy telescope, which used to be my toy telescope) it's been sat around doing nothing.

While at the SPA convention last Saturday I purchased a sheet of Baader solar filter. I intend to make a filter for my binoculars and I started to wonder what else I could make a filter for (I might make one for my main telescope). Then I got to thinking: this rubbish little 'scope might actually work as a cheap and cheerful white-light solar telescope.

It's not going to be anywhere near as good as having and using a Coronado PST but it looks like it might work as another handy tool to use for observing our nearest star.

File Under: Solar Observing, Solar Telescope, Baader Solar Filter.

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