A picture is worth...

I've just made a new addition to my little astronomy website: a gallery. It's nothing grand, and mostly came about because I had an urge to code some more on the site. Another motivation is that a fellow poster on the SPA's BB has offered to scan some slides I took of comet Hyakutake back in 1996. If the scans come out ok (I've never really properly seen the slides as I don't actually own a projector) I hope to place them on the site and a gallery section seemed as good a place as any.

Currently the gallery only contains a handful of scans of sketches I've made recently. Nothing that amazing, just the random scribbling of someone who is more keen than he is talented.

File Under: Astronomy Gallery, Astronomy Sketches, Comet Hyakutake.


Anonymous said...

Nice sketches Dave. You've inspired me to do some.

Dave Pearson said...

Thanks Stuart.

I'm still trying to get some sort of sketching technique together at the moment. What I really need to take the time to do is practice indoors -- take a book of DSOs and just try doing my own drawings. Okay, it's not going to be the same as trying to draw what you see an the eyepiece (I've never seen a photograph in a book that comes close to giving you the impression of what a DSO looks like at the EP -- for obvious reasons) but it seems like a useful approach to developing the ability to sketch faint, fuzzy things.

Have you ever done any searching on Google Images for things like astronomy drawing or astronomy sketch? There's some mind-blowing stuff on the net; some really talented output.