Spiders and Sunspots

Having read yesterday about the return of sunspot 798, and given that it's nice and clear here at the moment, I've just been out with the Solarscope to see if I could see it.

Before I could do any observing with it I first had to deal with a spider that had decided to make a home inside the 'scope. I really should knock up some sort of cover for it.

Anyway, managed to see 798 with no problems at all. Quite an impressive group of sunspots. I still need to figure out a useful method of recording observations though. With 'scope and binocular projections you're generally projecting onto some paper so tracing the image is very easy — with the Solarscope this isn't so easy as the image is inside a box and getting your hands in there to draw just won't work (unless, I guess, you've got really small hands).

I guess a camera with a zoom lens would be a good idea — ideally a digital camera. Sadly I don't have such a thing at the moment. I did try taking an image with the camera that I've got in my mobile phone but, as you'd imagine, the result was next to useless.

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