F-16 on Mars

I'm sure most people know that there's a new Google Earth available for download. I'm sure most people know that they've added Mars to the mix. I'm sure most people know that Google Earth has a really simple flight simulator built into it.

Well, it's obvious what comes next isn't it?

Okay, it's no X-Plane, but it's still kind of fun (let's not mention the fact that the physics are probably totally wrong).


Anonymous said...

LOL I see you're off the ground so the physics surely wrong. F16 engines wouldn't even get you taxiing on Mars. :)

NiteSkyGirl said...

A reader of my blog sent me your site, I can't wait to try out Google Mars. Did you know they have one coming that tours the oceans of earth? Saw it in a news article on Daily Planet tv show. Liking your blog.

Dave Pearson said...

It's the same release. This new release of Google Earth lets you go under the sea as well as to Mars.