Today's Eclipse: A Short Photo Diary

Just to add a little to my log of today's eclipse, a short photo diary of the session:

The session didn't start out too well, the Solarscope went flying in the wind so I had to come up with a method of making it heavier. I knew all those old power supplies would come in handy one day:

A Quick Fix

With the flying 'scope problem pretty much solved, the main event got under way:
Partial Solar Eclipse #1
Partial Solar Eclipse #2
Partial Solar Eclipse #3

However, the wind picked up, so more weight was needed. This is why you should never throw away that old laptop battery:
A Further Quick Fix

Soon, it got cloudy. Time to photograph my amazing solar observatory then:
My Solar Observatory

Of course, because we were getting close to mid-eclipse, it wasn't a case of the whole sky being cloudy. Oh no. Towards the Sun it looked like this:
Towards the Sun

Whereas behind me:
Away from the Sun

However, around mid-eclipse, things did clear up:
Partial Solar Eclipse #4
Partial Solar Eclipse #5

So it wasn't a total loss. :-)


Anonymous said...

Aha; the good old British weather especially the Lincolnshire Grey Sky! Glad it cleared up enough for you to get some results. Love the anchoring devices. Martin C.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had chance to write about my eclipse viewing just yet but before I do, can I just say that I had a similar experience!

I've got an image of the south-east with a scattering of clouds and then there's another image of the north-west with a nice blue sky! Nothing's changed :D

Nice work Dave! Those solar scopes are pretty good arn't they? ;)

Sam Hawkins

Dave Pearson said...

Yeah, I'm very pleased with mine.

Ian Musgrave said...

Good eclipse shots, even with a bit of cloud drama.