Comet Perseid

No, really, that's not a typo. Keep an eye out for Comet Perseid.


Seen via a post on the SPA BB.


Jeff Stevens said...

Hi Dave, hope all is well with you? Presumably a few people will have emailed the Gazette website to point out the error of their ways, so I'm surprised the article hasn't been removed. Almost a shame there's no follow-up, with pictures of comet Perseid!

Mind you, I notice the Independent website got it slightly wrong in their article, when they refer to the co-discoverers of the parent comet for the Perseids. Once could be excused as a typing error, but referring to Horace Tuttle as Horace Turtle twice in the same article is a bit poor.

Dave Pearson said...

Given the other gaff I can almost forgive the Tuttle/Turtle thing. ;-)