Any Canon EOS 400D/Digital Rebel XTi Owners Out There?

Anyone out there own a Canon EOS 400D (AKA Digital Rebel XTi, AKA EOS Kiss Digital X) and have access to any of the following cities: Abu Dhabi, Athens, Baghdad, Beijing, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Copenhagen, London, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo. Washington D.C., Wellington (NZ)?

If so, this thread on the SPA BB might be of interest to you.


Anonymous said...

Missed it by a whisker. I've just traded mine in for a 40D. I'm sure that there must be another 400D owner in London somewhere!

Dave Pearson said...

If you like I'll swap you my 400D for your 40D. It'd be a huge sacrifice for me, but it's in the name of science... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ahem, let me think about that for an atto second or two.... No.

I’ve still not tried any astro photography with it yet as time, the weather and my wife have been against me.

With the £100 cash back from Canon, and ebay to sell my old body, it was too tempting to resist and it is certainly worth it :-)

Dave Pearson said...


I got to have a quick play with one the other weekend (friend just got himself one) and.... nice! Very nice. I love my 400D, great little camera, but the 40D is so much nicer.