Next week's lunar eclipse

I'm not sure if I'll get to observe next week's total lunar eclipse (assuming the weather will be fine) due to the fact that a) it's during the working week and b) all the fun stuff happens at silly hours. Which is sort of annoying given just how enjoyable the last one was (even if I did manage to destroy a pair of glasses).

However, if anyone is thinking of staying up for it, you might find this article by the Society for Popular Astronomy useful as it as all the information you'll need. This includes details of the planned LunarObservers.com live webcast.


Unknown said...

yes, here's hoping for some decent weather...I've taken the next day off work to stay up and watch!!

nice blog btw - linked to it from mine, hope that's ok


Dave Pearson said...

It's not looking too good here at the moment, and the forecast isn't that promising at the moment either. :-(

And thanks for the link, you'll notice that your blog is now in my astronomy blog link list too.