Comet Holmes

News of the outburst of comet P/Holmes (17P) sort of caught me out yesterday in that the first news I saw of it turned up just as I was finishing work for the day.

So, this morning saw me trying to catch up with various requests to add or update information on the SPA's website. I won't bother prattling on with all the details, all the usual suspects have already blogged about it some some length, but I just wanted to mention that a thread about the comet is under way on the SPA's BB.

Of course, where I live, it's cloudy and from what I can see at the moment there's little prospect of things clearing up in the next day or so. :-(


Unknown said...

Here's a picture of Comet Holmes i took from my home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


I took it using my Canon A620 and a basic telescope.

I think we're pretty close to the same latitude, so you'd pretty muchh see what I see, just later!

Astronomer said...

Last night i was able to make some pictures. See them at http://digitalastrophoto.blogspot.com/