Brian May: Astrologer

Ahh, the good old Daily Mail, you can always rely on them to get a story totally wrong. From this story:

Guitarist Brian May was always known as one of the most famous stars of rock, which probably explains why the music legend has now taken up studying astrology.

Brian May, the lead guitarist from the rock group Queen, is gearing up to study an astrology PhD.
In case you've not got it right away, read it again, carefully.

Yes, the good old astronomy/astrology mix-up. Of course, this being the Daily Mail, they wouldn't see why this is a problem.

Best part is, even if they'd said "astronomy" instead of "astrology", they'd still have the story wrong. Far from "gearing up to study" the subject, he's (if I recall correctly) just recently finished and submitted his thesis and will be defending it towards the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Of course, you can believe everything you read in the papers! According to the Leeds Weekly News, I actually have an MPhys in Physics with Astrology. ;-)

You are right that Brian is getting ready to defend it. Andrew Jaffe (cosmologist in the Imperial College group) wrote about that the other day.

Dave Pearson said...

Physics with Astrology? Sweet! There's a joke in there somewhere, but I'm struggling to come up with it right now. ;)

Anonymous said...

Must have been his ATM skills and drive that made him build his own guitar from some scraps of wood and a piece of a sideboard!