Planet Astronomy

On and off, this year, I've been toying with the idea of creating a "Planet" site for astronomy related blogs. As usual with this sort of "neat idea" (you know the sort of thing, you probably have a dozen a day too) I filed it away somewhere in my head, on a "I'll do that one day, no, really, I will" TODO list.

This morning, while checking the weblog stats for www.astronomer.me.uk, I noticed a new referrer in the referrer list: www.planet-astronomy.org. Looks like someone's saved me a job and have been kind enough to include this little blog in the list of feeds!

Whoever you are, if you're reading this, thanks! That's a handy resource!

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Anonymous said...

I also noticed that site in my referers but I'm totally confused as to why my posts appear in it with the picture of Scott James Remnant (my guess from the basis of the image filename and a quick search).

OK, I am male and my name starts with an 'S' but I don't know why they decided that that was me.

Dave Pearson said...

My uneducated guess would be that it's some odd cross-over from one of the other planet sites using the same engine ("template" copying problem or something like that?)

mark_smith said...

Thanks for the link dave found myself on there aswell.

Paul Sutherland said...

I'm not entirely happy about the fact that my articles appear in full on the site. Where is the incentive to visit my blog? Presumably it happens because I have my feed set to full to suit a commercial marketer of my stories. But I do feel this service should restrict itself to summaries to avoid breaches of copyright.

Dave Pearson said...

Yeah, I guess that's a tricky one.

Personally I'm not overly fussed as it would appear that I've picked up some extra visits to my main astronomy site thanks to the planet site.

If I'd got around to doing it myself (as I'd planned) I'd have contacted each blogger first to get their permission. It just seems polite.

astroshiva said...

hi good blog. very neat indeed..

Anonymous said...

Hello to all,

I am the owner of that site. And i am very happy for your positive comments!


Thanks for the post. As you know, feedback is very valuable for us.


I just replied to your email and updating the site based on your feedback. I hope you will like the result...


I guess your site is http://scsuastronomy.com/. If so it was a copy/paste issue. ;) Sorry about that. It is fixed now. If something is still wrong please contact us using the email address at the site!

About adding feeds without asking:

I agree this looks tricky. But at the end, if you dont like sth, just email me using the email address on the site!

I guess you will like the result (in terms of the popularity increase of your blogs) soon! ;)

And finally, i really want to put summary-feeds there. So if we published a full-feed and you want to replace it with summary feed, just contact us.

Anonymous said...


I just found the same problem for this blog. I guess this time i found your blog :)


It will be fixed in a couple of minutes..