Another timeline

After my first play with Timeline I started thinking that it could be a useful tool for displaying upcoming events in astronomy — especially events that can be observed. As a member of the Society for Popular Astronomy I thought it might be just the sort of thing they'd find useful for their website.

A couple of weeks back I had a chat with Jeff (the SPA's webmaster) and then approached the heads of the observing sections to see who had data that could be used (and which made sense on a timeline). Everyone seemed to think it was a good idea and I received plenty of data. So, after a bit of coding, I finally got a working SPA observing calendar up and running.

Hopefully this will be of some use to amateur astronomers, especially those in the UK (apologies to non-UK readers).

Thanks go to Jeff, the heads of the observing sections at the SPA and also to SIMILE for making timeline generally available.

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Anonymous said...

Hey that's really neat.

mark_smith said...

Great work dave keep up the good work.