Turning 100

Last Friday evening I had a bit of a fiddle with the code behind my online log system and ended up adding a facility that generates some simple statistics about the logs.

As of today's solar observing session I've had 99 observing sessions. One more to go and I'll have made it to 100 sessions. Just like when I filled by first log book, I know that it's somewhat arbitrary as a measure of progress, but it still feels like some sort of milestone. It's also interesting to note that over ½ of those sessions have involved the Solarscope — that confirms that I've made more solar observing sessions than anything else. That's not really surprising given that it's much easier to find a clear moment during the day than it is during the night.

File Under: Astronomy, Observing Logs, Milestones.


Tag said...

Real nice, Dave. Something I've floundered with for a long time and you appear to be doing it effortlessly. Your "Log Cloud" illustrates that the Sun & Solar observing is getting most time. Altogether a really cool, tight logging system.
I do love my Moleskine notebooks but the ease of access and reporting is absent.

Dave Pearson said...

Thanks Peter.

As you'll probably have gathered, I always make my notes in a paper notebook too (with sketches done on pre-printed templates and stuck into the notebook along with the session log). I then type the whole thing up for the online version. As well as allowing easy access, searching and reporting it also means that should anything ever happen to any of my notebooks I've got a backup copy.

For me you can't beat pen and paper when you're "out in the field". Even though I own a PDA I've never felt the desire to try and use that to make notes — it'd be too much like faffing about for my taste.