Looking forward

Over the past few days I've been getting a little annoyed at how terrible the weather has been during winter. When I got back into observing last year we were more or less into spring and I had a reasonable run. However, soon into the run, I was in to summer and getting annoyed with the very short nights — I kept looking forward to winter and the idea of it getting dark nice and early so I could observe at sensible hours.

How wrong was I? The weather has been pretty awful and the few nights when it has been clear seem to have coincided with a near-full Moon or me needing to be doing something else (often both at once so I've not even managed as much Lunar observing as I'd have liked).

Next month it will be one year since I acquired my telescope and the whole cycle starts again for me. Hopefully I'll manage to get more nights in this time around than I did last year.

My mood is improved by Tom's timely reminder that I should be able to enjoy the delights of a couple of comets. Although I've observed plenty of comets in the past, I've not yet observed one since I started keeping my log.

File Under: Astronomy, Lousy Weather, Comets, C/2006 A1 Pojmanski, 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3.


Anonymous said...

The weather over my way is not playing nice either. Last winter when I was using my smaller Newtonian Reflector, we had so many clear nights from January thru March.

Hope your clouds go away soon. I am looking forward to seeing more sketches of your observing sessions.

Dave Pearson said...

It was a pretty clear night last night. Guess what, I was busy with something else. Grrrr!

As for sketching, I'm really starting to get withdrawal symptoms now. I was getting quite into it and then, all of a sudden... Grrrr!