The Perseids

Time for the Perseids again. Given that this is the first "major" shower available since I started to get back into observational astronomy I've decided to try and make a good effort to observe it. I'm not totally sure how I'm going to approach it yet but I am gathering together a few ideas for what to do.

While the maximum isn't that favourable for me it should, weather permitting, be a reasonable show.

Equipment and stuff I've got or will need to put together:

  • Sun lounger. Borrowed one. Might as well be nice and comfortable while I'm observing.
  • 10x50 binocular. Got a pair. Useful for looking at any trails left by a meteor.
  • Logbook. Got one, obviously.
  • Sky charts for writing on. I'll make some up this week. The idea is to use a handful of them to keep track of where I see any meteors.
  • Clock set to UTC. Got one, obbiously.

If all goes well I'll see about sending my results to the meteor section of the SPA.

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