A couple of days ago, when I wrote about the arrival of the 905, I mentioned in passing that the book that was advertised as being included with the 905 wasn't in the package:

No sign of the free copy of Robin's book that they advertise as coming with the setup but I'm really not going to complain about that, partly because I think I'm a bit beyond needing that particular book but mostly because they did me a nice favour in swapping the eyepieces.
I was serious, it wasn't a complaint and I wouldn't complain. S'n'S had been more than accommodating as it was.

Well, I had a package turn up today (actually, it turned up yesterday, but I didn't get it until today thanks to the fun that is the Royal Mail and recorded delivery) and, inside was... yes, you guessed it, the book, along with a cover note that says:
Dave, Sorry we missed this off your order
You really didn't need to do that! But thanks anyway.

File Under: Good Customer Service, Scopes'n'Skies.

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